Anion Air Purifing Lamp 23w

Anion Air Purifing Lamp 23w
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Anion air purifying Lamp is a new technology product,There is a generator with it,It’ll bring a large amount of negative oxygen ions,When it’s lighting,While generating trace ozone, Reaching to the interior space,Killing the virus in indoor air effectively,To achieve the result of air purification.

The Features
1).Creates large quantity of anion to fresh the air
2).Elimination of poisons:Can eliminate various harmful germs and various poisonous volatilizing chemicals in the air (Such as benzene,Toluene,Formaldehyde and Ammonia)
3).Eliminatiion of smell
4).Rapidly dispel smoke
5).Creates Healthy Environment
6)Energy efficient:Saving up to 80% energy costs
7).With the holder can be plug-in the wall as the night light easily
8).Applications:Bedroom,Lobby,Toilet,Kitchen,Scriptorium,Assembly Room,Smoking Room,Hotel,Motel,KTV,Barroom,School,Supermarket and Library.

The Specifications
1).Voltage: 220V
2).Frequency:  50/60Hz
3).Anion: 3 × 106PCS/cm3
4).Luminous : 1250 (Lm)
5).Watt : 23W
6).Color Temperature : 6400K- cool white
7).Lamp holder: E27
8).Lifespan:  10,000 hours

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