T10 LED Light Bulb Amper 57 SMD 3014 Can Bus 12V-28VDc 3rd Generation

Τ10 Car led Canbus, T10 Led 57 SMD 3014 Can Bus 12-28VDc 3rd Generation
T10 Amper
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T10 LED Light Bulb 57 SMD 3014 Amper Can Bus 12-28VDc 3rd Generation



Power: 4.5 Watt
Voltage: 12V-28V DC
Brightness: 460 Lumen
Color Type: Cold White 6000 Kelvin - Amber
LED Type: SMD 3014
Light diffusion angle: 120 ° degree beam
Life span:> 30,000 hours
Warranty: 1 Year Immediate Replacement
Certificates: CE and ROHS
Weight: 5g
Length: 28mm
Diameter: 10mm

LED T10 Can Bus LED with 57 SMD 3014 Cool White replaces low beam or motorcycle light, ceiling light, backlight illumination, side flashes, or anywhere else.

When the T10 Can Bus LED with 57 SMD 3014 Cold White has one of the following alternative names:

T10 / 194 / T-10/147/152/158/159/161/168/184/192/193/194 / # 194/259/280/285/447/464/555/655/656/657/1250 / 1251/1252/2450/2652/2921/2825/12256/12961/2521/2525 / W5W

Then the lamp above is the one you need and fits perfectly at your base.



The T10 57 smd 3014 Can Bus Generation 3 is built to tolerate car overtemperatures.
For example, when we start the engine of the car, its operating voltage reaches in some cases up to 18 volts instantly, this results in the burning of the resistances from the LED lamps which are Can Bus.
The "New Generation 3" is built to have a tolerance of up to 18 volts instantly.
The cars we have encountered this problem are new technology from 2012 onwards.

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